Sauna area in Berchtesgaden

Our generous sauna area is a true oasis for all those who seek health benefits. Visiting the sauna trains the body’s adaptability to change temperatures: the cosy warmness of the sauna cabin expands the skin’s blood vessels; cooling off afterwards in the cold pool causes the blood vessels to narrow again.

Cosy warmness?



While sweating at 75°C you can simultaneously marvel at Berchtesgaden’s alpine world. The saunas large picture window offers a scenic view on Berchtesgaden’s town centre and surrounding mountains.



Like all other indoor saunas the Alp-Sauna is also boxed up antiquely and 65°C brings the sweat on your forehead. By offering space for up to 40 people this sauna is our roomiest. Additionally, this sauna is fragranced at a humidity of 40%.



The fragranced Watzmann-Sauna charms with a quaint alp-look. Take a break from everyday life in cosy atmosphere and relax at 85°C.



While sweating at 90°C a unique atmosphere acts on our guests: old wooden beams, massive natural stone and an original mine car illustrates a look in manner of Berchtesgaden’s salt mine.


Blockhouse Sauna

This sauna made of Swiss pine is one of two saunas at our outdoor area and is a really hot affair – 100°C makes you sweat properly.

ca. 45°C

Steam bath

This is where you can relax at 45°C and a humidity of almost 100%. Our Turkish bath spares circulation and calms musculature. Furthermore additional flavors encourage the body’s respiratory passages.

Infrared cabin

Our infrared cabin warms your body not because of hot air, but due to infrared rays. These rays generate a pleasant feeling of warmth after reaching the body.

Overview of the Sauna area Berchtesgaden:

  1. Massage
  2. Relaxation room
  3. Sauna area
  4. Relaxation room
  5. Infrared cabin
  6. Alp-Sauna
  7. Panorama-Sauna
  8. Watzmann-Sauna
  9. Blockhouse Sauna
  10. Mine-Sauna
  11. Sauna area with cold pool

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In our gastronomical area you can easily forget the time: at a minimum of 5 Euro spent per head, you'll get 30 minutes for free during your stay at Watzmann Thermal Spa.

Culinary offers

Our guests can snack on something simple and fast, make their own fitness salad at our salad bar filled with fresh and regional ingredients, or enjoy a warm and delicious meal.