365 days of waterfun for the whole family

Watzmann Thermal Spa offers such a wonderful variety that there’s something for everyone. Families with small children enjoy their own colourful water-world in the large child`s pool, bigger "kids" can enjoy themselves in the Fun- and Adventure Pool, slip through the 80-metre Blackhole-Slide or do their lanes in the swimming and sports pool.


ca. 30°C

Adventure Pool

Our philosophy: families are the most valuable visitors! That’s why the Fun- and Adventure Pool’s water depth is designed in a way, that fun and games can be to the fore!

ca. 80 m


The 80-metre long waterslide featuring timekeeping and various light-effects is popular with all age groups.  Slide against others and beat your personal best time!

25 m

Swimming and sports pool

Advance your health and do your lanes within our 25-metre long swimming and sports pool. 4 lanes are available for your personal training – that keeps you fit!


Children and parents can frolic within the current-passage. You can just drift.


Relax in the warm water and enjoy the time. The small jets in the recliners provide a pleasant massage of the muscles.

Overview of the Thermal Spa Berchtesgaden:

  1. Adventure Pool
  2. Sun gallery
  3. Gastronomy
  4. Blackhole-Waterslide
  5. Parent-child-area
  6. Swimming and sports pool
  7. Dry play area
  8. Brine tunnel
  9. Warmth grotto
  10. Salt-Light-Cabin
  11. Salt fountain cabin
  12. Brine outdoor pool
  13. Brine indoor pool
  14. Outdoor area with volleyball


A generous paddling pool awaits the little ones – this oasis makes children hearts leap for joy! Play equipment, a separated playing area and a special children toilet including diaper-changing table can be additionally found.

Gastronomy Icon: header_wegweiser

In our gastronomical area you can easily forget the time: at a minimum of 5 Euro spent per head, you'll get 30 minutes for free during your stay at Watzmann Thermal Spa.

Culinary offers

Our guests can snack on something simple and fast, make their own fitness salad at our salad bar filled with fresh and regional ingredients, or enjoy a warm and delicious meal.