Original Berchtesgaden brine

The brine area at Watzmann Thermal Spa contains our regions natural salt found, known to promote health and well-being. Enjoy the white crystal’s beneficial effects in our in- and outdoor saltwater pool, relax in one of our numerous brine-cabins and recharge your batteries.

ca. 38°C


Unwind and get away from it all ab 38°C in our new Salt-Light-Cabin. Enjoy the heated lying surface and admire the illuminated salt stones. These lights can reduce allergies, headache and sleeping problems.

ca. 38°C

Salt fountain cabin

Equal in novelty is our fragranced salt fountain cabin. This fountain nebulises at 38°C the original brine of Berchtesgaden and spreads it throughout the cabin. Take a deep breath of this fume and ease your respiratory ailments!

ca. 40°C

Warmth grotto

Experience Roman culture at 40°C within our warmth grotto. Because of the slightly heightened room temperature, the body tissue’s circulation will be improved. As a consequence, healing of vascular diseases, rheumatism and metabolic diseases can be promoted.

ca. 45°C

Brine tunnel

Our 45°C warm brine tunnel has been created for your inner wellbeing and your health. Every three minutes, saturated and aseptic brine is sprayed into the tunnel, in order to strengthen everyone’s respiratory passages.

Brine indoor pool

Our pleasurably warm brine indoor pool is a place to wind down for body and soul. Berchtesgaden’s natural Brine cleans the dermis, strengthens the upper layer of skin and stimulates circulation.

Brine outdoor pool

Enjoy the health enhancing and relaxing impact of Berchtesgaden’s brine similarly in our brine outdoor pool. Drift under the open sky or make yourself comfortable on our underwater recliners while watching the integrated waterfall.

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