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Salt Lake Day

Foster your health and regain strength!

This offer includes:

  • free entrance to our water-, brine- and sauna-area
  • free towel and bathrobe service
  • one pair of slippers
  • 30 min. part-body massage
  • 1 honey-salt body peeling
  • 1 vitamin-cocktail

Our special honey-salt body peeling supplies the skin with valuable minerals and trace elements. Because of the peeling, mortified skin cells get removed naturally and the skin is able to breathe freely. In Addition, the skin gets clean in deep poor and will be supplied with blood properly. Afterwards the extended health enhancing brine-area, with its original brine of Berchtesgaden, invites to relax.

Price: 59,90 €

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PLease note:

Tickets and vouchers are available at the main entrance and in our Online-Shop.

Agreement on deadline:
phone: +49-8652-9464-50

If possible, please make an appointment three days in advance!